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In each file you can find five English idioms with examples and explanation.

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Idioms with explanation in English

English Idioms - A (39 idioms)

English Idioms - C (176 idioms)

English Idioms - B (75 idioms)

Idioms with explanation in Czech

Idioms 11
  • to make ends meet
  • at the expense of
  • to fight a losing battle
  • to turn one's back
  • to have got something down to a fine art
Idioms 12
  • "Bottoms up!"
  • to bear in mind
  • in any case
  • to take into account
  • to feel it in one's bones
Idioms 9
  • to be in a class of one's own
  • keep in the dark
  • cut and dried
  • to get one's act together
  • to make no bones about something
Idioms 10
  • to go by the book
  • to rack one's brains
  • to put something on the backburner
  • in any case
  • to drop somebody a line
Idioms 7
  • to walk on air
  • on cloud nine
  • to catch someone in the act
  • a dead end
  • in black and white
Idioms 8
  • to play ball
  • out of the blue
  • body and soul
  • at all costs
  • to come clean
Idioms 5
  • to turn the clock back
  • cold comfort
  • somebody's days are numbered
  • a drop in the ocean
  • to make a go of something
Idioms 6
  • acid test
  • not to have a clue
  • to hold centre stage
  • to keep at arm's length
  • to promise the moon
Idioms 3
  • to take on board
  • to have a change of heart
  • to fall on deaf ears
  • (a)round the clock
  • it's daylight robbery
Idioms 4
  • to mean business
  • to get to the bottom of something
  • down and out
  • to throw somebody off balance
  • to look somebody in the eye
Idioms 1
  • to be in the air
  • to know something backwards
  • to fit the bill
  • to mean business
  • with flying colours
Idioms 2
  • to pack one's bags
  • to foot the bill
  • to beat about the bush
  • to be a bit off colour
  • all of a sudden

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