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Part 5

You can test your knowledge!

add up - sečíst
Can you add up numbers from one to ten?

dress up - obléci se slavnostně, vystrojit (se)
You have to dress up for the interview.

get up - vstát
We always get up at seven in the morning.

give up - vzdát se (něčeho)
He has given up smoking twice already.

grow up - vyrůst, dospět
She has grown up since I saw her last.

fill up - naplnit
The bus is always filled up with people.

speak up - mluvit nahlas, hlasitěji
Speak up! I can't hear you.

turn up - zesílit
Can you turn up the central heating? I'm cold.

wake up - probrat (se)
Wake up! You'll be late.

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