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Part 4

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put forward - navrhnout (předložit)
He put forward his opinion at the meeting and everyone agreed.

put on - dávat (inscenovat představení)
This play was first put on at the National theatre.

put away - sklidit
Put your toys away, Sally, it's time for dinner.

put up (for the night) - ubytovat (někoho)
You're welcome to stay here for the night. We don't mind putting you up.

put together - složit, poskládat
Can I put this model together?

put off - odložit (na jindy)
Let's put it off until tomorrow.

put up with - snášet (něco)
We can't put up with his stupid behaviour any longer.

put down - zapsat
I put down his telephone number.

put aside - dát stranou
I asked the salesgirl to put aside a suit for me.

put back - vrátit
You can't put the clock back.

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