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Various 147

Choose the most appropriate answer.


This is a nice cat. It's much __________ than my friend's cat.
A) nice C) nicer
B) nicest D) nicely


Here is Emily. She's six years old. Her brother is nine, so he is __________.
A) old C) older
B) oldest D) oldness


This is a difficult exercise. But the exercise with an asterisk (*) is the __________ exercise on the worksheet.
A) difficult C) more difficult
B) most difficult D) difficulty


He has an interesting hobby, but my sister has the __________ hobby in the world.
A) interested C) interesting
B) more interesting D) most interesting


In the last holidays I read a good book, but father gave me an even __________ one last weekend.
A) good C) better
B) best D) goodly


School is boring, but homework is __________ than school.
A) bored C) boring
B) more boring D) the most boring


Skateboarding is a dangerous hobby. Bungee jumping is __________ than skateboarding.
A) danger C) dangerous
B) more dangerous D) the most dangerous


This magazine is cheap, but that one is __________.
A) cheap C) cheaper
B) cheapness D) cheaply


We live in a small house, but my grandparents' house is even __________ than ours.
A) small C) smaller
B) smallest D) smallish


Yesterday John told me a funny joke. This joke was the __________ joke I've ever heard.
A) funny C) funnier
B) funniest D) funnily

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